How to Enhance Your Post – Workout Recovery

We all know what it feels like to be sore, achy and tired after a workout. So we’ve put together 3 top-tips to help enhance your post-workout recovery and have you jumping back into the gym in no time!

Magnesium as a Secret Weapon

Magnesium is a secret weapon in the health and fitness industry. Magnesium improves your muscle recovery, reduces fatigue and stress levels, and improves the energy circulation throughout your body. It’s literally the all-in-one post-workout recovery gem! It works miracles for sleepless nights and shifts your body into heavy relaxation mode. It’s deep relaxation properties will have you sleeping like a baby all night long.But don’t be too quick to rush into the local health store for a magnesium pill to fix all your aches and pains. Magnesium is actually best absorbed through the skin. So if you’re near the sea go for a walk on the beach barefooted — sand is loaded with magnesium readily available to be absorbed through your feet. Alternatively, why not try adding epsom salt baths, or a magnesium oil rub to your nighttime ritual.

Ice Bathing VS Cold Shower

Although plunging into a pool of ice cold water isn’t going to be on the top of your priority list, the benefits make it all worth it, we promise! After a workout, the lactic acid builds up in your body and stiffens your muscles. To overcome this and get you moving again, there’s no better recovery hack than ice bathing.

The cold flushes away the buildup of lactic acid, prevents prolonged fatigue and reduces inflammation in the body, so you can recover a lot quicker. Plus it’s a great detoxification protocol and fat burner. The perfect way to cool down after a sweaty workout

The Truth About Protein

Proteins are the building blocks for growing and repairing your muscles. When you exercise you’re breaking down muscle tissue in order for it to come back bigger, stronger and more powerful. But this is all dependent on good recovery and the consumption of protein post workout.

However the market is saturated with sugar and dairy laden protein powders and energy bars. Instead, why not try plant-based sources that will nourish your body and leave you feeling energised. You will be pleasantly surprised to find protein in most plant-based foods, from beans and pulses, to nuts, seeds and even veggies like broccoli. So load up on good quality proteins to fast-track the repair of your muscles and ensure you’re ready for your next workout.

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