Couples Fitness & Weight Loss Retreat

at PhuketFit

Couples Fitness & Weight Loss Retreat

At PhuketFit

Don’t want to get fit alone?

Bring your partner for the ultimate couples experience at PhuketFit, where your journey towards health and fitness becomes a shared adventure.

Set in the breathtaking landscapes of Phuket, Thailand, our retreat offers a unique blend of professional guidance, personal care, and an atmosphere that nurtures both individual goals and togetherness. Whether you’re here to lose weight or to enhance your fitness levels, we’ve got the program that suits each of your needs while you enjoy the journey together.

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Couples Weight Loss Camp

Your Journey Towards a Healthier You, Together

At PhuketFit, our Couples Weight Loss Camp is designed for those who seek a transformation not just on the outside, but also on the inside. It’s for couples ready to embark on a weight loss journey together, providing a supportive and motivating environment that acknowledges the power of two.

Why Choose Our Couples Weight Loss Camp?

  • Personalized Programs: While you share accommodations and the journey with your partner, your weight loss program is customized to meet your individual health goals.
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Couples Fitness Camp

Elevate Your Fitness Game as a Duo

For couples aiming to boost their fitness level, our Couples Fitness Camp provides an energizing blend of activities, classes, and personal training sessions. This program is perfect for those who wish to push their limits, explore new fitness horizons, and achieve their physical best, together.

Highlights of Our Fitness Camp:

  • Diverse Fitness Sessions: Enjoy a wide range of group fitness classes, including yoga, TRX, Zumba, and Muay Thai, designed to challenge and inspire.
  • Goal-Oriented Training: Each partner receives individualized fitness goals, ensuring you both achieve personal bests while supporting each other.
  • Unlimited Access: Benefit from unlimited access to our fitness studio, alongside personalized nutritional guidance to fuel your workouts.

Experience A Week in Our
Couples Program

Ready for a change? Immerse yourselves in a structured yet flexible program that offers everything from personalized fitness planning to relaxation sessions. A typical week could include invigorating workouts, nutritional planning, fun and challenging fitness classes, and much-needed relaxation techniques to rejuvenate your body and spirit.

Who is this program for ?

Our retreat is ideal for couples looking to Lose Weight or Get Fit who:

This comprehensive program is designed to not only help you both transform but also teach you how to maintain your desired shape for life!

Join us at PhuketFit for your transformative weight loss and fitness journey today!


At PhuketFit, we believe in offering exceptional value without compromising on quality. Our couples fitness & weight loss program starts at just 6,590 THB per day, which translates to approximately $280 AUD, $185, €170, or £145. This showcases our commitment to affordability, ensuring that individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle can access our top-tier services without breaking the bank.

By reallocating the typical $185 you might spend on on a fancy date night, you can invest in our transformative couples program. This investment prioritises your health and well-being, offering a comprehensive range of activities and features daily.

Key Highlights:

Affordable Pricing: From just 8,356 THB per day including Accommodation. Comprehensive Activities: From Strength & Conditioning to Yoga and Muay Thai classes. Optimal Nutrition: A dietary package with 3 wholesome meals, snacks, and a protein shake daily. Track Your Progress: Body composition analyses at key intervals and 3D Body scans for visualisation of changes and Posture insights. Comfortable Stay: Accommodation provided throughout the program. For those interested, you can BOOK NOW or VIEW PROGRAM SCHEDULE for a detailed overview.

Couples Fitness & Weight Loss Camp, What to expect?

Objective: On-track > 7 - 14 days

Understand, feel in full flow and start to see the fruits of your hard work and our daily support.

Objectives > Kickstart + On-track guidance > 14+ days

A deeper understanding through more habit forming, feeling the benefits daily, and already seeing the changes and differences.

The Phuketfit™ Promise

We commit to providing you with a supportive environment, educational resources, and a personalized approach to ensure your journey together is successful, transformative, and unforgettable. Embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle at PhuketFit, where your fitness and weight loss goals turn into reality, together.


We offer a comprehensive Fitness and Weight-Loss Program with a daily pricing structure, with various accommodation preferences you can select. This starts at THB 6,590/day as couples for a min 7 day stay, with prices all inclusive of VAT and service charges.

Spaces in our Program fill up fast. Act quickly to secure your spot and avoid disappointment. Last-minute bookings often miss out. Contact us now to ensure your place in this transformative journey.

Joint Program Only

THB 6,590 Per Day

Full couples access to our program, nutrition and facilities whether you stay on or off site. Minimum stay 7 days for a program, see Short Stay package for more details on shorter periods. 

Standard Villa (Private Bathroom)

THB 8,120 Per Day

Best for longer stays and digital nomads with private space to work and relax. Minimum stay 7 days for a program, see Short Stay package for more details on shorter periods. 

Superior Villa (Private Bathroom)

THB 8,356 Per Day

Perfect for couples or those who need a little bit more than our standard offerings. Minimum stay 7 days for a program, see Short Stay package for more details on shorter periods. 

Your Price Per Day

THB6,590x days

*Disclaimer: Currency Rate is fetched daily so is subject to change.

Net Including Vat & Service Charge

*Up to 40% off the package pricing with our new daily prices. Savings vary based on length of stay and are integrated into new pricing. 
** Price based on 7 day minimum length of stay. See Short Stay package for more details on shorter periods.