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Shares her Weight Loss story in the hope it will inspire others to make a change. 

I didn’t remember what it felt like not to be overweight, and I was miserable. Life was unbearable. I had zero confidence, avoided mirrors and feared what people thought of me. Walking was an effort, shopping for clothes was a nightmare… everything was a struggle. The only way to soothe and numb it all was to comfort eat and move less. It got out of control. I knew inside I was someone else, totally trapped inside.

I was in Japan with family and we were climbing a hill with steps. I struggled so much I had to turn back and missed seeing the view from the top. I waited at the bottom, with shame. It was that moment I promised myself I would never be in that situation again, and I would ALWAYS be able to finish a climb. I was ready to take action and change my life. All of it.

So many! I had never done any exercise in my life. What if I can’t do it? What if I’m the biggest? What will I eat? Will I be hungry? What will the people be like? What will I wear? There were so many others.

When I first saw the menu I was relieved. There was huge variety and I was free to choose what I wanted, so long as it was within my daily kcal allowance. Building an awareness of my intake was a huge lesson for me. I kicked myself for being so unaware beforehand, and for my lack of knowledge. I learnt so much about what I was putting inside my body, and what my body actually needed.

There are so many different types of classes, there’s something for everyone… even people like me. Many of them were totally out of my reach when I first arrived, so I concentrated on the lower level classes. I worked on my mobility built up my techniques and understanding. My goal was to attend every class on the Schedule before I left, and I did.

The highs were doing things I never dreamt I would be able to do. Touching my toes, balancing on a Pilates ball on one leg, Muay Thai boxing, running, skipping. Remembering what it felt like to be proud again. Stepping on the scales and seeing results. My clothes becoming too big. Feeling what it was like to smile again. The biggest high was realizing that ‘yes Rosie, I can!’

At times I wanted to give up. Often I wanted to cry. At times I had worked hard all week and the numbers on the scales disappointed me. My body ached at times. On occasions I didn’t stick to my calorie intake. I needed to rebel a little. But, I still wrote it down on my daily food diary – no more secrets. I just reminded myself that tomorrow is another day.

The Phuket Fit team have helped me change my life. Their support, knowledge, advice, motivation, patience and understanding was priceless. I felt safe, cared for, and in the best hands I could have wished for. What I have learnt will stay with me for the rest of my ‘new’ life.

If you are still reading this and have got this far, do not wait a minute longer. The quicker you start, the quicker you’ll be on your way to setting yourself free and changing. You CAN do it, and it feels amazing on the other side.

Quite simply, my number one goal is to continue being healthy and happy. What more do I need?
I know you’re all looking for the ‘numbers’ because that’s what I would do! So here they are. Since starting my weight loss journey I have lost 43kg. I’m still going. I thank Phuket Fit for contributing to the biggest gift I could have wished for.



Shares his Weight Loss story in the hope that it demonstrates Age is just a number and it is never too late to start.

I first visited PhuketFit on a direct recommendation from the COO of my Dive Group in Cyprus. She was known for her meticulous research, and her endorsement was enough for me. I was overweight and felt that a regular gym would be intimidating. PhuketFit seemed like a private escape where I could focus on myself without judgment.

I first came to PhuketFit in 2015. Since then, I've been returning at least once annually, sometimes even thrice a year. It's become an addictive part of my routine.

The community spirit at PhuketFit is unparalleled. There's a mix of guests, from those looking to shed weight to serious athletes, yet everyone fits in seamlessly. If you're feeling down, there's always someone to lift you up. The camaraderie is genuine, and you end up making lifelong friends from all over the world.

The nutritional guidance has been invaluable. Every visit, I've managed to lose at least 8kg in a month. The food choices allow for frequent meals without exceeding calorie limits. It's a balance that ensures you're never hungry while still achieving your weight loss goals.

At 62, I'm actively participating in gym sessions, Tabata, Circuit Training, CrossFit, and even 10km walks around the beautiful PhuketFit surroundings. The facility's location encourages spontaneous activities, like a quick hill climb or a beach walk. The community spirit means you're rarely doing these activities alone.

I've seen significant changes. From weighing 141 kg post-lockdown, I'm now at a healthier 110 kg and feel fitter than I did in my 40s. The journey might be challenging, but the results are worth it.

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One of India's top 10 female bodybuilders gives her insight into a stay with Phuketfit Health & Fitness Resort. 



I cannot wait to return to Phuket Fit again, my journey was just the start and I have continued putting in to practise 8 months on everything I learnt there, do not hesitate to speak to the team and start your own life-changing journey , it’s absolutely never too late to make a start and change your life for the better !!!



I attended Phuket Fit for a total of three months, i was actually only supposed to be there for 2 months but I didn’t want to take for granted the advice and training i received from X and the rest of the team. I have learned a lot about myself and most importantly to believe in myself and have faith in the process. We dont gain weight overnight and I learned to accept it would not come off overnight either. I learned a lot about nutrition and exercise and the program is one I would recommend. If you are looking for an affordable weight loss program then this is the place to go.I would like to thank X for always being the voice of reason and taking the time to show me things I needed to know. Because of you I learned to really believe in myself. Thank you again.



I want to sincerely thank all the Phuket Fit staff for a truly amazing experience and opportunity to enhance my wellbeing. Phuket Fit is more than just a vacation destination. The staff are professional, personable and incredibly knowledgeable. Providing a well-balanced program, from nutrition, education, a variety of fitness classes ranging from high intensity to low intensity making exercise enjoyable, and finally personalized one-on-one training sessions.



Phuketfit is a Special Place. I loved any minutes of my stay. I would like to extend my thank you to all your staff at PhuketFit. It felt like a family that wants the best for you and supports you all the way! I hope to have a chance to visit again in the future!



At first I expected drastic results but PhuketFit helped me understand through guidance and application that a healthy caloric deficit is what is needed to achieve my goals. The guidance and knowledge I got helped me to continue my weight loss journey back home



Coming to PhuketFit made me realize my true potential, the coaches and nutritionist are passionate and excellent in what they do. I will definitely come back again soon. Special thanks to Efe and John for mentoring me throughout the trip and helping me achieve a 10kg weight loss.