We do not currently offer a shuttle bus service, but our reception office can arrange a taxi for you.

On a Sunday we have trip to the Night Market and back included in your program.

Phuket is an island in Southern Thailand.

We are located on the southern most tip of Phuket island, a location known for it’s natural beauty and far removed from the hustle and bustle of the busy (northern) side of Phuket.
Here is a link to our Google Map.

We provide a courtesy airport pick up service to anybody staying onsite at PhuketFit . Our driver will meet you at the airport and drive you to our resort.
We can also provide a courtesy pick up from your hotel or anywhere in Phuket.
If you book a return taxi on check-in you can get it at the discounted rate of 1,200 baht.

Please here to place your booking:

Book your flight to Phuket International airport (HKT).

he Thai currency is Baht.
All payments to PhuketFit must be paid in Thai baht. For up to date conversion rates, please visit :

Vaccinations are typically not required, however, we do recommend Tetanus shot, if you have not already had one.
Traveler Medical Insurance is also recommended.

You do not need to be fit to start a program at PhuketFit.
We have many guests who are out of shape and unfit when they arrive. Each program is customized to your specific needs and goals – and, included within each program are 1-on-1 personal training session with your choice of fitness trainers to increase your confidence and strength.

Our program is comprised of multiple levels for beginner, to intermediate and advanced fitness advocates. You may start with a beginner class and work your way up to intermediate and even advanced, in some cases.

We will support and help you every step of the way to ensure you reach your goals and have the information need to make longterm healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes.

We provide all the training equipment here at PhuketFit, so there is nothing in particular you need to bring.
You will of course need to bring gym wear like shirts and shorts to train in. You should also bring running shoes, beach towels, flip flops, medical insurance and an electrical adaptor. Many of these things can also be acquired here in Phuket.
We also have a shop where you can purchase quality training gear, at affordable prices.

We have a laundry service across the road that our gusts like to contact for a small fee, but saves on the hassle of having to wash your clothes through a self-service machine (located close by to the laundry shop - if preferred)

Although we do not currently offer onsite supplements for sale, we can direct you to a suitable supplier who offers offer a variety of nutrition supplements like Whey proteins, recovery drinks and other essential key nutrients.

We have guest from all over the world ranging in age from early 20's to late 60's and even a few guest in their early 70's!

The vast majority of guest travel alone as its an investment into your personal healthy, however, have many guest travel with partners and some groups too - although you may come along, you'll never be alone as the community interaction within the program tends to build bonds and friendship from all over the world focused on a single goal of losing weight, getting stronger, feeling great and having fun!

If you’re planning on coming to PhuketFit by yourself, remember that’s absolutely normal – pretty much everyone else is doing the same!

Level 3 (R.E.P.S) or the Internationally recognize equivalent certification is the minimum requirement for Personal Trainers at PhuketFit. This is a high training level and requires many years of experience.

Yes, you may rent a scooter - our front office team can help coordinate. The average daily rate for motorbike rental is anywhere from 200 to 400 THB per day depending upon the the type/style of bike you choose.

We will soon provide mountain bikes as free use to our program guests.

You may also rent a car - if you check with our front office team - the average daily rate for car rental is between 1000 - 200 THB, per day.

The cost of programs and accommodation remains the same all year round.

Yes - we employ international trainers who speak English.

Some of the Thai trainers speak at an intermediate level of English, so please speak slowly and they'll be more than willing to help with any request.

Yes. PhuketFit is one of only a few centers to provide training 7-Days per week ensuring you get the most value for your money.

No. You are not required to stay on-site at PhuketFit, however have multiple options available to accommodate all types travelers from Single Rooms for our cost conscious travels to Grand Deluxe Rooms for those looking for a bit more space.

Please feel free to ask our Reservation Team for more details at

Yes, all PhuketFit rooms provide Air-Conditioning.

Free WiFi with multiple hotspots positioned around the resort to ensure connectivity at all times.

Yes - each room does have a safe for your personal belongings and it is recommend to keep any personal effect locked away for safety.

The average safe is larger enough to hold a personal notebook computer (depending upon size).

We are perfectly positioned walking distance to some of the nicest beaches the Kingdom has to offer.

Yanui Beach is the closest at 1 KM from main resort and an excellent place to watch the epic sunsets of Thailand

Nai Harn (roughly 2KM from main resort), has been rated 3rd best beach in Asia, according to the 2015Tripadvisor’s travelers’ choice - a perfect active hike/walk in the mornings and we provide shuttle service daily to and from the beach.

Rawai Beach, is just 5 minutes walk and offers the views of Thai style boats bobbing in the water.

Please swim only on beaches which have lifeguards present. Take note of the flags erected and ensure they are yellow before entering the water.
If the flags are red, do not swim in between them. The flags placed like this signify a rip current, which can be very dangerous.
Swim only between yellow flags and do not go out further then where the waves break.
Sharks are not a problem in Phuket.

For 55 nationalities, you will be given a free 30 day Tourist visa upon entry to Thailand. Please check if this applies to you by going here:

If you would like to stay longer in Thailand, you may apply for a Thai Tourist visa. Please contact us for more information.

Yes- Phuket is a main tourist destination and generally very safe, however, like anywhere its important to keep whits about you and petty theft tends be a issue from time to time.

No, the program runs 24/7/363 days a year. We are only closed 2 days out of the year; January 1st (New Years Day) and April 13th (Thai New Year) aka Songkran the water festival.

On average the weather is warm and sunny at about 25 – 30 degrees. Feel free to check the temperature, here:

PhuketFit is equally popular among men and women.

Generally our class sizes range between 7 to 15 people - We do our best to keep the numbers to that size, however, do our our popularity these can sometimes be higher. Not to worry, do provide enough classes daily to ensure that every guest is getting the proper attention they deserve.

Phuketfit requires a deposit equal to 50% of the total cost of program plus any onsite accommodation cost . This amount is held and credited towards the remaining balance of the selected program and on-site accommodation which is due 6-weeks prior to arrival and before commencing any program.

Standard hotel accommodation check-in / check-out times.

· Check-in Time 14:00 hours · Check-out Time 12:00 hours

We are happy to accommodate both early and late check out times based on availability - please contact our Reservation Team for more details.

Deposits are non-refundable. However, we understand that things sometimes change as do travel plans and we are happy to modify arrival dates/times without any additional fee's or charges.

Thailand uses 220V electricity - with laptop computers and electronic devices it is recommended to bring a power converter.

Unfortunately, we cannot cater for babies and small children under the age of 16 at PhuketFit - however there are some resorts close by that you may contact that might provide more conducive accommodation for families.

Our cleanse program does not support Colon irrigation, however, we can set up for in-room self administered if that's of something you would like to do.