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Health & Fitness Resort Phuket



Located amongst the beautiful beaches and tropical landscape of southern Phuket, our resort in Rawai is the perfect spot to kick-start the new you. Take a look at our rooms and bungalows, plus the facilities on site that will make your health, wellness and fitness holiday all you need it to be.

The resort offers a wide range of rooms and bungalows, from the cute and simple to the luxurious and indulgent. Whatever your needs, we’ve got them covered.

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Learn more about our facilities at Phuket Fit - yoga and pilates studio, fitness gym, boxing area, steam room, massage rooms and partner accommodation swimming pools.

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The Resort

Indulge in a holistic health and fitness escape at PhuketFit, where cutting-edge facilities seamlessly blend with the allure of tropical paradise.

Elevate your fitness journey with our advanced Fit3D Body Scanner, offering a comprehensive view of progress and personalized insights. Immerse yourself in our newly unveiled 15-meter fitness pool, a hub for joint-friendly workouts, aquatic fitness activities, and post-exercise relaxation in the adjacent sun-seeking area.

Experience premium fitness at our upgraded gym, equipped with state-of-the-art SHUA machinery, or embrace the vibrant energy of our Open Air Gym, blending challenging workouts with the authentic charm of Phuket’s tropical climate. Dive into Muay Thai in our dedicated Boxing Area, fostering physical strength and mental resilience.

The Studio provides a climate-controlled haven for diverse fitness classes, while the Main Restaurant, open from 7 am to 8 pm, caters to your nutritional needs with balanced and delicious meals. Your wellness journey begins here, where technology meets tranquility, and every facility is designed to enhance your well-being.



The main restaurant is open from 7am – 8pm and located right by our Front Reception and Fitness area. Our breakfast finishes at 11am, with last orders for all snacks, meals and drinks taken at 7.30pm. You will also find a collection of games and books amongst some nice seated areas, for you to relax and hang out in whenever you wish.