Muay Thai Coach

Meet Gee

Muay Thai Coach

Meet Gee

About Gee

Gee's Accomlishments:

  • Southern Thailand Muay Thai Champion
  • 146 Professional fights
  • 114 Victories¬†
  • 20+ years Muay Thai Experience¬†

Welcome to the world of Muay Thai at PhuketFit Weight Loss and Fitness Resort, where legendary trainer Gee awaits to guide you on an extraordinary martial arts journey. With a remarkable record of 146 fights and 114 victories, Gee is a true icon in the Muay Thai world, and his expertise and passion are unmatched. As the former Southern Thailand Champion, Gee brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to PhuketFit, empowering you to achieve your martial arts goals.

Personalized Muay Thai Training:

At PhuketFit, Gee's training sessions are tailored to your individual needs and aspirations. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced fighter, Gee will create a personalized training plan that will help you reach your full potential. His ability to break down complex techniques into easy-to-understand steps makes Muay Thai accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Beyond Technique:

Gee's training goes beyond just teaching you the physical techniques of Muay Thai. He believes that this martial art is a transformative practice that can enhance your physical and mental well-being. Through his expert guidance, you'll develop discipline, focus, and resilience, both inside and outside the ring.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior:

Join Gee at PhuketFit and embark on a Muay Thai adventure that will ignite your inner warrior. Under his expert tutelage, you'll not only master the art of Muay Thai but also cultivate the strength, confidence, and determination that are the hallmarks of a true martial artist.

Book Your Private Session Today:

Don't miss out on the opportunity to train with the legendary Gee at PhuketFit Health and Fitness Resort. Book your private session today and experience the transformative power of Muay Thai under the guidance of a true master. Unleash your potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery and martial arts excellence at PhuketFit Thailand.