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Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to dedicate time to improving their fitness, progressing their skill and technique… and have fun! Our wide variety of classes will improve your strength, power, cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility and mobility; no matter where you are starting from. A Fitness Test on arrival will determine your Level and guide you to select the right classes. Plus, you can tailor your training plan further with Private Sessions to choose from including Strength Training, TRX and Muay Thai boxing.

What will you eat?

First thing’s first, you will not be short of options to fuel your fitness! Our restaurant has a large menu that caters for all food preferences. You’ll be spoilt for choice.
The breakfast buffet includes eggs however you like them, toast, spreads, fruit, muesli and more. Our menu for lunch and dinner includes build-your-own salads and wraps, meal combos of fresh fish, seafood, meat, tofu, rice and vegetables. There is a range of soups, curries, Thai dishes, lean kebabs, vegan spring rolls, burgers, pasta… the list goes on. Side dishes include sweet potato, pumpkin, quinoa, rice and all sorts of vegetables either stir-fried, steamed or dry roasted.
Snacks of fresh fruit, yoghurt, eggs and nuts are available throughout the day, as well as protein shakes for an alternative way to hit your target protein intake. You may select four snacks per day, as well as two protein shakes whenever you wish.
You have access to a menu that includes the calorie content (kcal), protein and carbohydrate of all our dishes; so you can ensure you get the fuel you need to support your fitness training appropriately.

The Activity Schedule

Our Schedule is packed with classes that will work on your strength, power, cardio, mobility, technique, skills. You name it, we’ve got it. A Fitness Test on arrival will help us assign you to either Level 1 or Level 2 classes, helping you to select suitable sessions. No need to book, just show up.  From Aqua Fit, Mobility and Yoga, to HIIT training, Strength, Speed and Agility, to TRX classes, Kettlebells and Muay Thai boxing taught by Phuket’s top professionals. We’ve got it all covered.
There’s education Workshops on nutrition, health and fitness, as well as a weekly cooking class. Plus, we offer a shuttle service to the nearby beaches, to top tourist attraction Big Buddha to visit Phuket’s best shopping markets.

What’s included?

*volume dependent on length of Program

How much does the Program cost?

The cost of your Program depends on the length of your stay. To give you an idea, the below shows the price for typical Program durations.

Enter your dates in our booking system to calculate the cost of your selected Program(s).

 28 days total fitness price