Healthy Detox Meals in Thailand relax and detox program at Phuket Detox Juice at Phuket
detox and cleanse at Phuketdetox and cleanse at Phuketrelax and detox Thailand


Minimum 3 days

Who is it for?

Everyone. The health benefits are endless. Our lives are getting busier and more toxic than ever. Without the necessary breaks our body needs to restore itself, we simply cannot be at peak performance. Press pause, reset and rejuvenate.
Cleansing will rebalance your digestive, nervous and hormonal systems while increasing your energy levels, enhancing your immune system, boost your metabolism and assist with weight loss. An active cleanse and detox effectively removes toxins, free radical molecules, and slows the aging process. Plus, you can expect to rejuvenate your skin and get that glow back! You’ll be amazed how you feel once you’ve experienced your body functioning at its best following a detox.

What’s the nutrition plan?

Our top chefs prepare an amazing array of deliciously nutritious raw and vegan food dishes. From hearty soups, salads and sushi, to zucchini spaghetti and nutty vegan burgers. Nourishing smoothies packed with goodness will get your morning off to the perfect start, as well as fruit infused waters and coconuts to keep you hydrated throughout the day. This is supported with cleansing drinks of specially selected herbs, psyllium husk, and magnesium to absorb toxins and encourage bowel movement. We provide daily natural liver flushes, all-natural supplements, and probiotics to help replenish good gut bacteria and overall health.

Are there Cleanse options?

Yes, of course. On arrival, you will receive a health assessment, a fitness test, and a personalized one-to-one detox induction to help you understand the Program. We will discuss your options and advise the right Cleansing Program for you; either the Raw Food Program, the Juice Cleanse or a full Fast.

What about the activity schedule?

There are a wide variety of classes on our Schedule specifically designed for those on our Cleanse and Detox Program, including yoga, pilates, thai chi, mobility and aqua fit. You will have full access to our gym and should you choose, you may join our Level 1 or Level 2 fitness classes according to your assigned level. There are daily educational Workshops covering nutrition, health, and fitness, as well as a weekly cooking class. Plus, we offer a shuttle service to nearby beaches, top tourist attractions like the Big Buddha, and Phuket’s famous night/local markets.

How can I enhance the results?

There are other inclusions to help enhance the effects of your Cleanse and Detox. Every day you are on the Program, you will receive a 1 hour Thai or Oil Massage at our Spa. Regular massage will boost your lymphatic system which pushes out toxins, furthering the detoxification process. Daily sessions in our herbal steam room will open your pores and draw toxins to the surface. We guide you through effective use of the steam room that takes you in and out of the heat several times. In addition, enjoy daily dips in our salt-water pool to heal your skin, reduce inflammation and improve your skin barrier function.

What’s included in the Program?

How much does the Progam cost?

The cost of your Program depends on the length of your stay. To give you an idea, the below shows the price for typical Program durations.

Enter your dates in our booking system to calculate the cost of your selected Program(s).