This document outlines the rights and responsibilities relating to the Guest’s entitlements during the enrolment period of one or more of our programs - Detox & Cleanse, Weight-loss, Fitness program or Detox + Fitness (referred to as “programs”).

2.1. The term “Guest” or “Client”, refers to a person who buys a PhuketFit program.
2.2. A person becomes “Guest” once the Terms and Conditions have been read and accepted and the deposit (4,000 THB) been completed.
2.3. “Programs” include all contents (consultations, classes, meals…) designed and delivered by Phuket Fit Co., Ltd.
2.4. The “starting day” is the first day of a guest’s program at PhuketFit.
2.5. The “check-in day” is the day before the “starting day”.

PhuketFit operates a strict “no smoking” policy. If you wish to smoke, we ask you to smoke outside of the resort grounds and out of sight of other guests.

4.1. The guest declares that he is physically fit and mentally capable to engage in exercise, fitness and diet programs, and will inform PhuketFit (the instructors, consultants and related staff) of any condition or risk that may have an effect on their ability to participate in any exercise, or fitness program, prior to commencement. If a guest has any doubt on this, they should consult with a Doctor or Medical Physician before confirming and paying the deposit.
4.2. In case of serious injury, the guest cannot ask PhuketFit (trainers or other staff) to adapt or change the contents of any group classes. The guest is only permitted to participate in the classes he/she physically can do, regarding his/her ‘minor’ injury without disturbing the class.
4.3. The minimum age required to join a program is 16 years old. However, any guest of the age of 16 - 18 years, must be accompanied by an adult (parent or guardian) who is also a PhuketFit guest.
4.4. No children under the age of 16 years old should be left unguarded or unattended around PhuketFit property and facility at any time.

5.1. For a summary of our disclaimer kindly refer to our website. Individual disclaimers will be given, explained and signed upon enrolment.
5.2. Phuket Fit Co., Ltd is not responsible for the loss or theft of, or damage to, personal property on or off the PhuketFit premises, whether held in storage or not. This incorporates, yet, is not restricted to, suitcases, electrical things, cash, or other property. You agree to take proper precautionary measures to keep away from misfortune or robbery of, or harm to, individual property. In case of such misfortune, or harm, you consent to release PhuketFit from and against all cases, activities, costs and requests to such losses, misfortune or harm, however brought on, emerging out of or regarding your stay at PhuketFit.

6.1. In certain circumstances we may need to cancel certain classes or services. We will always try our best to avoid this or provide a replacement service.
6.2. A guest can only join classes of the program he/she is enrolled in, unless advised otherwise by one of our coaching staff.
6.3. Regarding the objectives, injury or fitness level of the guest, our coaches and/or consultants may strongly recommend a guest to join a certain class schedule, which may be different than the one the guest paid for. However, the guest is not obliged to follow the recommendation.
6.4. For health reasons, our coaches and/or consultants can ask the guest to avoid or exit a specific class.

7.1. To be allowed to start his/her program (starting day), the guest has to check-in the previews day (before 21:00).
7.2. Once involved in the program, the guest must familiarize him/herself with PhuketFit rules described in the ‘program guidebook’ before using the PhuketFit facilities. This guidebook describing the rules is handed out on the starting day (first day of the program).
7.3. If the guest breaks any of these rules, PhuketFit may be forced to cancel or suspend a guest’s program without notice.
7.4. Our programs are packaged to provide maximum value. We cannot allow a guest to save, transfer or refund days of program and accommodation not used.
7.5. We operate consultation slot basis for our programs, if the guest misses any appointment slots, it may affect his/her program.
7.6. To be entitled to stay in on-site in our resort accommodation, this guest must be enrolled in a PhuketFit program. If a non-PhuketFit program guest would like to come benefit from just private one-on-one training, we can arrange suitable outside accommodation.

8.1. A guest cannot give, sell, transfer a program, or a part of the program that he/she has already paid, to a third party.
8.2. Programs are only to be used by the original and specified guest, and will not be transferred into another guest’s name.

9.1. A 4,000 THB deposit is requested per program / per person. This 4,000 THB is considered as a security deposit for placing the booking. It will be returned upon check-out should the guest have settled all outstanding balances.
9.2. For any partner hotel bookings, an extra booking fee will be required.
9.3. The guest has to pay the total amount due, before being allowed to start program.
9.4. The guest can pay by installments, or the total amount of the balance due, before the check-in day, using our PayPal service or money transfer (applicable bank or service rules and fees apply). In all cases, the guest has to settle the total amount of the balance upon “check-in” at the latest to avoid delay in starting the program.
9.5. A fee of 2.0% baht is applicable by PayPal for using their service.

10.1. All cancellation requests will resort in the 4,000 THB deposit being retained by PhuketFit.
10.2. All cancellation requests to our partner hotels will resort in the extra booking fee being retained by them.
10.3. For any cancellations made 15 days before check-in day, PhuketFit will refund the full cost of accommodation and program paid.
10.4. For any cancellations with less than 14 days’ notice period, no refunds will be given. Instead, a lifetime credit note will be issued for only the program amount in THB.
10.5. PhuketFit reserves the right to cancel a program with no refund, if the guest breaches any of these terms or conditions, rules contained in the guidebook or any Thai laws.
10.6. PhuketFit offers a flexible cancellation and amendment policy therefore for any other circumstances, PhuketFit operates a strict no refund policy.

As our programs include physical exercise, (minor) contact sport and diet regimes – every guest is required to purchase their own personal medical and accidental insurance before they enroll onto a program.

Please refer to our “privacy policy” on our website.

13.1. For any amendments requested 15 days before check-in day, the reservation team will first re-book for the next available slot. If this date is unacceptable, the next available slot will be offered. If no suitable dates can be agreed upon, a full refund (not inclusive of deposit fee 4,000 THB) will be issued.
13.2. For any amendments inside of 14 days, the reservation team will also re-book. However, an amendment fee of 5,000 THB will be applied for rebooking the accommodation. If this date is unavailable, the next available slot will be offered. If no suitable dates can be agreed upon, a lifetime credit note will be issued for only the program amount in THB.

14.1. Booking accommodation and then later deciding that you would like to move accommodation to a nearby hotel, carries a 20% charge of the original accommodation booked. This is because we are always fully booked in advance, so if you do decide to move out of the accommodation you have booked, you will be charged 20% as we cannot fill the now vacant accommodation at such short notice.
14.2. Upgrades may be available upon check-in for an extra fee.

15.1. All programs include a complimentary Airport Pick-up. Any ‘no-shows’ that require a re-arranged date/time, will be charged at the standard pick up rate.
15.2. The return journey to the airport is not included in the program.

PhuketFit Co., Ltd reserves the right to make changes to services and terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.