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More Than Just Weight Loss at Phuketfit™

There’s an important reason why we are Thailand’s premier weight loss retreat. We don’t just help you lose weight when you’re here. We give you the tools and understanding you need, to keep losing weight and stay slim when you get home. That’s why our success rate is so high!
It’s Not Your Fault you’re overweight…
Just look around — over a third of the population are obese! This is a deep seated problem with today’s modern lifestyle.That’s why, we’re here to tell you: if you’re READY to finally lose weight and get in amazing shape (in a very short period of time!) then read every word on this page, because…You’re about to be taken on a journey unlike any other you’ve likely ever been on before. Our talented health and fitness professionals, who have been hand-picked from around the world; work as a team to guide you, cleanse you, train you, feed you and educate you…Our goal isn’t just that you lose weight, you’re almost certainly going to lose weight when you do this, our goal is to help you
“kick-start your new healthy lifestyle and make lasting positive changes in your life”.

Feel the Difference

“When you finish your Phuketfit weight loss programme, you won’t just know you’ve lost weight from the numbers. You’ll actually feel the difference!”

You’ll look thinner – Because you will actually lose body fat and not just pointless water-weight.

You’ll feel slimmer – As our advanced detox process will eliminate bloating and excess water retention.

You’ll be healthier – Even our 10 day program will leave you feeling healthier, more energised and positive about your body.

The Phuketfit™ Difference

Thailand’s Leading weight loss retreat

If you’re ready to finally lose the weight you’ve always wanted, you’ve come to the right place.

This is your chance to take the one step you need, to transform your life for the better.

Yes, with us you have no better chance to lose weight, but even more importantly you’ll:

  • Detox and cleanse your body, priming it for weight loss
  • 1-on-1 personal training
  • Learn how to cook & eat correctly for maximum fat loss
  • Time your meals, so that you can eat the things you like
  • Learn the best sort of exercise to burn fat and stay healthy
  • Change your whole mind-set on weight loss and lifestyle
  • Relax and have a very enjoyable trip

We realize that there is no “silver bullet” for weight loss and every person is different. Which is why our approach is totally customized to you.

We will create a personalized weight loss plan, taking into account your starting point and your goals. This programme will help you to lose the most weight it is possible for you to lose, safely and quickly.

No more fad diets, confusion or expensive gadgets, just fast, healthy and natural fat loss.

We will guide you through the whole process. From your personal detox, diet and fitness program to your relaxation and rejuvenation. This is the main reason why our guests lose weight so effectively and quickly, and enjoy doing it!

We promise to:

  • Support you every step of the way.
  • Educate you on how to make these positive changes stick, once you get back to your busy life.
  • Show you how to prepare and cook the right meals
  • Teach you how to exercise correctly
  • Give you private consultations and everything else you need to stay slim and healthy for the rest of your life.

You will return home feeling like a new person. You’ll leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated!

Your Weight Loss Begins Here

“Every journey begins with a single step…”
We know how hard it is to lose weight alone.

Which is why, from the moment you arrive, our expert team of committed trainers, nutritionists, chefs and consultants will be here for you. Working closely to offer moral support, track your progress and kick start your weight loss journey.
Our friendly team will measure all of your key metrics when you first arrive and throughout your stay, to monitor and track your progress. From body mass, metabolism and body fat percentage; to fitness levels, water retention and movement analysis. They’ll use this information to craft your personalized weight loss strategy.

You’ll meet with your dedicated program instructor, who will give you a one-to-one health and fitness evaluation. They’ll also be your go-to person for any support, as you’ll meet with them throughout your stay to discuss your progress.

Out With the Old in With the New

This is when your 5 day detox and cleanse starts
The first 5 days of your weight loss program is the detox phase, for so many of our weight loss guests it is a critical part of your weight loss journey.

“The detox process is a very powerful tool in preparing the body for optimum weight loss…”

Whether you want to lose 5 or 50 kilos, the detox phase is essential in readying the body for fast, efficient weight loss.

You will clear the digestive system of years of bad food residue, mucus and toxins. This will supercharge your metabolism, making your body more effective at absorbing nutrients and processing food.

Most of our guests are amazed at how much better they feel, after just a few days of detoxification. And how enjoyable it can be, in such a relaxed location.

You will get the choice of either a raw food, juicing or even full fasting detox. This is something you can discuss with your program instructor, depending on your personal goals.

Here’s an overview of the detox process:

  1. You’ll take high quality trademarked detox formulas, usually as a drink, removing toxins and alleviating blockages. This normally results in rapid early weight loss, as you’ll be removing waste that has been trapped in the body.
  2. As there is a scientific link between poor liver function and weight gain, we add in a liver flushing process as part of the detox. This also helps to quickly reduce food cravings, gives you more energy and boosts weight loss.
  3. You’ll start fitness classes, which work in harmony with the digestive detox. As a result you’ll notice your weight loss is very quick. This is because the body prioritises fat loss during the first 5-6 days of detoxification, any longer can actually have a reverse effect. Which is why we finish your detox on day 5, to avoid the bodyweight yo-yo effect, you can get with longer detox programs.
  4. Relaxation and stress relief are crucial for a good detox. It’ll enable you to switch off from all of your worries and focus your mind on your goals. This is why we organise lots of treats for you. Think coconuts with straws, herbal saunas, trips to the beach, daily oil massage and lots of pampering!
  5. And that’s just a “taste” of what you get as part of your 5 day cleanse.

Cut the Fat and Get Fit

It’s time for some serious weight loss, whilst having fun and getting fit!
Even if you’ve never done a day’s exercise in your life, or even if you think exercise is boring or too much like hard work, get READY to be shocked and surprised by how much fun fitness can really be!

You’re sure to LOVE these classes and while they can be a bit of a sweat, the feeling afterwards and the results in the bathroom mirror can’t be matched.

Every day you’re trained to your personal level in weight loss training classes. These classes literally force your body to lose weight, and lose it fast!

You’ll be amazed by the results you see after just a short while (our guests always are!)

We have the largest variety of fitness and weight loss classes in Thailand, ranging from CrossFit-style sessions, to Yoga, TRX suspension training, Pilates, Muay Thai kickboxing, Zumba, over a DOZEN types of fun and new fitness classes (HIIT, Kettlebell, Boot Camp, etc…), core strength classes, and so much more!

Not only is your fitness training about enjoying exercise, the weight loss and health benefits of quality exercise are incredible. What you’ll achieve in terms of fat reduction will be amazing, and far more powerful than detox and dieting alone.

Every day you’ll experience a variety of fun fitness classes, performed at a pace that suits your ability levels and weight loss goals.

With the largest selection of weight loss classes in Thailand, you’ll certainly find something you love. We offer:

  • TRX Suspension
  • 1-on-1 personal training
  • HIIT
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Circuit Training
  • Muay Thai
  • Zumba
  • Core Strength
  • Active Stretching
  • Physical Education
  • Boot Camp
  • CrossFit Style
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Weight Training
  • And lots more!

Don’t worry if this all sounds alien to you! Almost everyone will be in the same boat.

We’ll start you with complete beginner friendly classes, and gradually build your fitness and confidence.

Our qualified staff and thorough consultation processes will ensure you're choosing the right activities that matches with where you're starting from. This way you’ll get to do the things you want to do, whilst ensuring you have a well-balanced and effective fitness program that gets results!

Relax and enjoy…

Remember you’re here to relax and have fun as well

Your weight loss retreat isn’t just about losing weight, you’re still here to enjoy yourself and relax.

It’s probably the only holiday where you’ll return home slimmer, fitter and healthier than before!

Thailand is an amazing country, and Phuket is a stunning part of Thailand. With three beautiful white sand beaches within walking distance, it’s a perfect location to have a holiday anyway, let alone one that may change your life forever!

If you are already feeling relaxed enough, and fancy something more exciting, we can organise all sorts of fun and exciting tours for you. From exploring local islands or the old town of Phuket, to your own exciting quest around enchanting temples.

Talk to our friendly staff on the front desk and they can give you all sorts of interesting ideas on what to do.

Remember our free shuttle bus will also help you get to and from certain local attractions during your stay.

Weight-Loss Targeted Nutrition

Lose weight quickly, by eating delicious, healthy food

Everyone loves good food! At Phuketfit you will enjoy good, tasty food whilst losing weight.

We’re not one of those weight loss retreats that basically starve you into losing weight!

We prepare and cook delicious, nutritious and healthy foods that will maximise your metabolism and beat your bulge.

Beware of the fad diets and retreats that make crazy weight loss claims, they normally do a good job of shedding water weight, but not fat! They can be very bad for your health, and you will almost certainly put the weight you lose, back on!

Our approach is very different. Our nutritionists have spent years perfecting a nutritional strategy that not only maximises natural, safe weight loss, but one you’ll love. You’ll work together with your personal weight loss coach to plan your nutritional strategy, so you can enjoy a healthy, balanced diet and still lose weight.

You can also speak to our expert nutritionist whenever you like, if you have any questions about your plan. They’ll even create a meal plan for when you return home, so the weight stays off for good.

The benefits of the inclusive Phuketfit nutrition plan:
  • Delicious, authentic food
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • Hand prepared and cooked by our chefs
  • Healthy, peace-of-mind diet
  • Packed with superfoods and all essential nutrients
  • Chosen by you and our nutritionist together
  • Personal meal plan to take home
  • Nutritional shakes and juices included
  • Most dietary requirements catered for (Including Vegetarian, Vegan and most food preferences/allergies/intolerances)
  • No extra cost as part of your weight loss program

The next step, change your life today!

Don’t delay, take action now to finish the fat forever!

Give yourself the weight loss experience that you deserve, let us help you, and you’ll be taking the single most important step in your personal weight loss journey.

Simply choose your program below and add your details to the subsequent contact form to ask any questions or make your booking.

As the weight loss program is designed specifically for you, we can book you in on any available date.

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