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Get Fit and be in your best shape ever!

Total Fitness Program

Are you unfit and ready to change your life? Or maybe you’re athletic, but want to be ultra-fit?

No matter your fitness level, with our personalised programs and support our Total Fitness Program will help to achieve your fitness goals.

Now with an amazing 15% off the cost of a program (Accommodation excluded)

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10% off any Weight-Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Looking for the fastest, safest and most reliable way for you to lose weight in Thailand?

Forget about fads and starvation diets and lose weight sustainably on our personalised program.

It’s your turn to become one of our latest success stories…with an amazing 10% off the cost of a program (Accommodation excluded)


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“We will help you Kick-start Your New Healthy Lifestyle…”


PhuketFit™ retreat provides affordable services for detox & cleanse, weight loss
and fitness in Thailand for adults. Through personalised programs and support, we
will help you reach your health and fitness goals… with detoxification, weight loss
management, health food dieting, Yoga, boot camp and group and 1-on-1 fitness classes.

“White sandy beaches surrounded by National Reserve land”


As soon as you arrive at PhuketFit™ you’ll realise why everyone agrees that we’re the
best situated retreat in Phuket. Perfect beaches, untouched National Reserve land,
completely unspoiled.

Everything’s close so it’s easy to get around and we also have a shuttle bus which
can take you to the beach and, on weekends, to the Big Buddha, Night Market and more.

Many of our guests travel from Australia, Canada, Dubai, United Kingdom, United States and all over the world to come and
relax, rejuvenate and renew, while losing weight, detoxing and getting in the
best shape of their lives — now it’s your turn!

Join us at PhuketFit by selecting either our Total Fitness or Weight Loss Program and receiving an Amazing Discount in the month of March.