Wipe your slate clean with Thailand’s Favourite ‘active cleanse’ detox retreat

Cleanse Your Body and Mind at Phuketfit

Sometimes we all need to press our metaphorical reset button, to give the body a chance to clear out the waste, stress and toxins that build up through everyday life.

Of course a holiday is normally the answer, but this only really helps our mind.

In fact, on most holidays we end up eating and drinking more than we would at home. So they can actually be less healthy for your body.

But imagine a holiday where you can still relax, switch-off and reset the mind, but also cleanse and clear the body!

You know how much better you feel after a ‘regular’ holiday? Well, just imagine how incredible you’ll feel after a dedicated cleanse and detox holiday!

“You’ll leave the retreat feeling like a new person…your whole body and mind will be reset and you’ll be ready for anything”

Everyday life is stressful! You’ll feel the effects of mental stress, but physical stress from what we eat and drink, is much more subtle. You get so used to feeling sluggish, waking up tired, getting ill every few months, mood swings, etc.

Believe it or not, these are all signs of physical stress. The only thing that will really help, is to rid the body of the build-up of toxins that cause that stress. This is exactly what a good detox and cleanse does.

So if you’re ready to say goodbye to all of those toxins and stress and give yourself a well-deserved rest, keep on reading.

Detoxing in Thailand has Never been so Fun & EXCITING!

Time for a Fresh Start

From the moment you arrive at our dedicated sanctuary, you’ll realize that we’re not just a boring detox retreat. We know that in order for your body to fully detox, you still need to remain active. So you won’t just be paying to drink juices and sit around!

Our detox consultant and nurse will start by getting to know you and your health levels. Using a range of medical equipment, they will take readings of blood pressure, BMI (body mass index), hydration levels and much more.

Using this information, they will work with you to create your perfectly personalized detox program.

No matter which of our detox programs you choose, we’ll support you through the entire process. Making sure you leave healthier, happier and totally recharged.

They’re not magic potions, but they will work wonders!

Cleanses, Detoxifications and Body Flushes

We only use 100% natural ingredients, and holistic methods for your detoxification. Take a look at some of the highly effective cleansing formulas we use:

  • Cleansing Drinks - Psyllium and herb based drinks will cleanse and detox your digestive system thoroughly. The special formula will travel through your intestines and colon, absorbing toxins and cleaning your gut lining.
  • Wildcrafted Cleanses - Specially crafted for our detox program. These cleanses contain hand-picked natural organic herbal ingredients and work wonders.
  • Dietary Supplements - Even the outer capsule of these is made from natural rice starch, so there are no chemicals. We recommend supplements that are specially formulated to help heal the body.
  • Young Coconut juices - A delicious, hydrating, natural drink that contains electrolytes for perfect rehydration after activity. Some report a feeling of light euphoria when drinking coconut juice in combination with other cleanses.
  • Vegetable broth - This powerfully nutritious broth allows you to detox, without feeling like you’re starving your body.
  • The Liver Cleanse - Again 100% natural and specially formulated to flush your liver of toxins, restoring it to optimal function. Pretty important considering your liver performs a key role in body detoxification.
  • Yoga and Fitness classes - Movement helps with the detox process. By performing gentle exercise and yoga, you’ll improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, which will boost the detox process and help you to de-stress.

So while this is already a lot more than many other detox retreats offer, we wanted to pull out all of the stops, ensuring that this is the standout detox retreat in Thailand! So here are some of the extra benefits of our detox and cleanse retreat:

Extra Benefits of our Detox and Cleanse Retreat

  • Daily traditional Oil Massage Our highly qualified masseuses will alleviate stress, unblock energy channels and help to flush toxins, helping you to unwind.
  • Daily Herbal Sauna Helps to open and cleanse pores, allowing toxins to be washed away from the body in the refreshing plunge pool.
  • Daily Pro-biotic Detoxing will have quite an effect on the digestive system. So we recommend a daily probiotic to help maintain the body’s natural friendly bacteria.
  • Meditation class Weekly classes teach you how to clear your mind and eliminate stress, resulting in a more focused mind.
  • Yoga Breathwork Weekly classes help you to understand the importance of correct breathing techniques, which will improve your meditation and relaxation.
  • Access to air conditioned gym You’ll have full access to our air conditioned gym, which holds a fantastic range of weights and cardio training machines.
  • Other included (optional) activities We also include as many optional activities and classes as you like. From healthy cooking classes, yoga and Pilates; to Muay Thai, fitness classes and nutritional education.
An incredible location to detox and cleanse

Detox in Paradise

Nestled in the southern tip of the island of Phuket, Phuketfit has probably the best location of any detox retreat in Thailand. A few minutes’ walk from our closest beach, and only a 5 minute shuttle-bus trip from one of the top 3 beaches in all of Asia!

A perfect setting to relax and unwind, whilst letting all of the stress and toxins from your everyday life dissolve away.

Feel the refreshing sea breeze cleanse your mind, while you relax in a meditative state in our yoga classes, or listen to the exotic birds while sipping fresh virgin coconut juice straight from the shell.

“There’s no better place to relax and detox…”

Don’t forget you’ll have plenty of time to relax and soak up the sun on the beach, or by the pool. So you’ll not only return home feeling so much better, but looking far healthier!

With attractions like the Big Buddha, intriguing temples and Phi Phi Island, you’ll have plenty of sightseeing to do while you’re here as well. Don’t forget our free shuttle bus, which runs to and from several locations each week.

Boost your energy levels, sex drive, immune system and even more

Feel the benefits of a Phuketfit Detox and Cleanse

Not only will you see the benefits of a full body and mind detox retreat, you’ll feel them!

Of course you’ll recharge your energy reserves, reset your body and re-focus your mind, but that’s just the start.

If you’ve been feeling tired and lethargic, or unproductive. If you’re feeling stressed or depressed, then you may well leave here feeling as if your life has been changed completely.

If you have been suffering from mood swings or even low sex drive, you’ll come away feeling like a new person. Your loved ones will be amazed at the new you!

While we can’t claim that this detox retreat has the answers to all problems, you will be surprised at the benefits that our guests regularly report.

Here are some of the scientific benefits of our detox and cleanse program:

  • Much more energy
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Improved metabolism
  • Better circulation
  • Cleansed liver
  • Increased sex drive
  • Reduced stress
  • Detoxified organs
  • Improved digestion
  • Regulated bowl movements
  • Balanced hormones
  • Healthy weight loss
An enjoyable, affordable detox in Thailand

How Much Does the Cleanse Cost?

As you may well know, detox retreats aren’t cheap!

We are passionate about providing an affordable package that still delivers much more than other retreats. We have come up with a pricing structure that provides incredible value, whilst catering for several budgets and timeframes.

This is why our detox delivers better results and more benefits than any other proper detox in Thailand, for less money!

Choose one of the options below, to book a great value-for-money detox in Thailand

PF Healthy Food

4 days


Detox and Cleanse Food

7 days


Fitness TRX (1)

10 days


Detox and Cleanse Menu

14 days



21 days


So go ahead — select the length of Cleanse you’re interest in above, and then use the contact box on the next page to get more information or to make a reservation.