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Frequently Asked Questions

Do many Guests come alone? And what about their age?

Many are solo travelers, friends or couples, and age ranges from 20s up to 60s. Our Guests come from all around the world including USA, Canada, Asia, Australia and the UK. There’s a very friendly vibe about the place. You’re all here for the same reason, taking part in classes and workshops together, and sharing your experience over a well deserved lunch or ice cool coconut!

How long do Guests stay for?

Anything from 5 days to 6 months+

Do you accommodate all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced?

Yes, absolutely. Our Schedule has been designed to accommodate all levels of fitness across a wide range of disciplines. No matter your age, fitness level and current health circumstance, we will deliver the Program you need.

Will my Program be specifically tailored to me and my goals?

Yes. Your initial consultations and any follow-ups allow us to assess your needs, in order for us to meet your goals. We’ll recommend which classes to take and how many; and discuss your food plan where relevant.

Is everything compulsory?

Of course not! You can choose to do (and not to do) whatever you want. We’ll make our recommendations based on your goals, encouraging you to follow our advice as closely as possible for the best results.

Is it possible to change my Program while I’m there?

Yes, but subject to availability. If you are unsure which Program is right, we advise you Contact Us so we can help you make the correct decision. Should you still want to change your Program while you are here, we will do our best to accommodate you, making you are aware of any price implications in advance.

Is it possible to extend my stay while I’m there?

Yes. Guests often end up staying much longer than intended. We will always do our best to accommodate you subject to availability.

When does my Program start and finish?

Guests typically arrive one day prior to the start of their Program, and check out the day after their Program ends. Consider day one of your Program as your first full day with us. The Program and its inclusions is determined upon your selected Program length; not your accommodation reservation period. Feel free to Contact Us should you need any assistance with your booking.

Can I talk to someone on the phone before I make my booking?

Yes. We are happy to talk with you in person. Send us an email via our Enquiry Form with details of your query, and we will get back to you to arrange a call.

Do I have to eat my meals at set times?

No. The restaurant is open from 7am – 8pm. Our breakfast buffet finishes at 11am, with last orders for all snacks, meals and drinks taken at 7.30pm. This allows you to build your day however you wish, scheduling your meal times around your activity schedule, workshops, pool or beach time.

I have food allergies. Can you accommodate these?

Yes, of course we can. On arrival and during your Health Assessment, we will ask you to notify us of any food sensitivities. Do also make it known to us when you order your food, if eating in the Main Restaurant.

I’m recovering from an injury and/or have some health issues. Will I be ok?

Yes, so long as you make us aware. We can help craft an appropriate activity schedule for you and provide alternative exercises during a class when necessary. If you have recently had surgery or have a serious health issue, please consult your doctor first and Contact Us with more information to discuss further.

Do we have a laundry service?

Yes, we have an on-site laundry service that will return your items by the next day if provided to our team in the morning. Laundry is an extra cost, calculated by the number of your items.

Is transfer from the airport included?

Yes, just one way only. Please notify us whether you would like to be met on arrival, or if you would prefer transfer to the airport on your departure; together with your flights details.

What items are not included in the price of the Program or Accommodation, and are an additional cost?

Once your Program and Accommodation are paid for, other additional costs are:

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check in time is 2pm and check out time is 12 noon. If possible, we will extend your check-out time until 2pm at no extra charge if the room is available. You may request a late checkout (by 6pm) for 500 Baht. Any later than this and it will be considered an additional night’s stay. We have shower facilities should you check-out of your room but not leave us until later in the day.

What essentials should you pack?

Workout clothes; several pairs

Is a Tourist Visa required?

You only require a Visa if you intend on staying longer than 30 days in Thailand. Please contact the Thai Embassy in your country or visit for further details.

If your question has not been answered above, feel free to contact us with any further queries via our Contact Us form or email