“At PhuketFit, we will help you Kick-start Your New Healthy Lifestyle

Phuketfit™ – The first step in the journey to your body transformation!

Our team of specialized fitness and wellness professionals each have specific talents to give you exactly the support needed in your journey to body transformation. We are all united and passionate in the belief that we can help you achieve your goals.

Our Goal

PhuketFit aims to be the gold standard of training and nutrition in Thailand.

Our Mission

To create a healthy environment where our guests can escape the stress of everyday life and get a fresh start. Through the use of personalised services and support, we help our guests achieve their specific health and fitness goals and make lasting positive changes in their lives.

What we do

Using the most comprehensive and up-to-date techniques in Detox, Weight-loss and exercise science, we help you to transform your body.

Our Commitment to you

  • Offer an unbeatable experience
  • Listen to your specific goals
  • Motivate and encourage you
  • Give you the resources to succeed

How to optimise your experience

  • Keep an open mind and trust us
  • Give 100%
  • Stay positive
  • Relax and enjoy yourself

Choose one of our three specialist programs: